Friday, 9 October 2015

Athirah's Latest Updates (10/10/2015)

Assalamualaikum silent readers .
Harap takda yang merindu diri ini . haha

Well this blog post is to generally gives you some updates about what is currently happening to me and my life. Hahah so poyo . I know you dont really care to know but since i'm not that istiqomah in updating my diary (i dont even have one) so i guess here would be a better place for me to record my life events .So you can always feel free to stop reading and fly away from here if you aren't interested to know (#sissupporthakasasimanusia) hahah .

So first things first , now i am currently studying in UKM . Alhamdulillah it's the course that i've been hoping for all this while -bachelor of speech science . Haritu dapat jugak offer USM for this course but after taking into consideration sooo many aspects i ended up choosing UKM instead and inshaAllah i hope this is the best path for me :)

So how's my life here ? okay okay ja .

Still adapting though . If you know me well , you then know that im not that type of person who omg-rindu-gila-kampung-halaman-and-im-gonna-cry-myself-to-sleep-and-loss-my-appetite-for-days . Hahahah . But here , instead of having that 'homesick syndrome' , i acquired a new kind of syndrome .. the palamsick .

Yes , i rindu palam so damn much . The super fun and crazy friends that i met in palam will always be my favourite bunch . Plus , dekat palam ada my favourite bunch dari sekolah menengah dulu : Sherry , Wahida , Najjua , Syaza and Yusra .  And so , having such people , the ones yang kenal you and your past ,the ones that understands your personality well , and that ngam dengan jiwa kind of people , you feel like home . Bila stress boleh lepak together and gelak terbahak sampai timbul six pack kat perutzs. Susah senang , semua bersama and thats the most beautiful part of it  :)

And even the new people i met in palam were not that bad at all . Semua baik , ngam dengan jiwa and fun . Yani Alisa Ayie , the rest of team D4 , dak dak lecture , and housemates , jiran tetangga semua like so nice and haaaa i donno how to put this into words but yeah just know that i really feel contented and relieved when im around those people .

and yeah note that im an ambivert . Which means that i am both an introvert and extrovert . And so im that love-to-be-alone-but-hate-feeling-lonely kind of person . I really love good bonding time with my love ones . I love having a large group of good friends and at the same time keeping my circle of favourite bunch in a small number . But here .. hahah all gone . Dari sekolah to asasi , im always engaged in a crowd (read:large group of friends) because im that so talkative hyperactive gila suka merapu walaupun kadang tu sumpah mood swings tetiba serious nak mampos kind of people . I tegur almost everyone yang nampak approachable almost at any settings (even yg jumpa dalam toilet .. bukan shaitonn la tapi) haha . So i have many acquaintance (rasanyalah haha!) . And time kat palam be like , tiap-tiap-hari-mesti-nampak-muka-hang-lagi . Sebab walaupun tak sama kelas and all , tapi bilik-bilik tutorial , tempat kuliah semua like dalam bangunan yang sama so mesti terserempak punya every now and then jadi bonding antara kami like so kukuh . Thumbs up dua tangan haa !

But now im going down the hill real fast.

Sebab sini alahai coursemates berapa kerat ja . Including me , it's just a total of 18 students for batch kali ini . Hahah and kawan di luar kos pulak ada tapi ya lah since kelas tak sama , aktiviti tak sama so nak meet up tu cem susah sikit . Nak terserempak kadang tu pun by chance sbb mostly kelas aku kat kolej kediaman and them dekat kampus so yeah (saja nak habaq mostly kelas cheq dekat nak mampuih kadang tuh 5 minit jalan pun sampai) hahah and another problem is kita free dia tak free , dia free kita pulak tak free . But thats for the first few weeks la , now all pun dah dapat momentum . Dah pandai arrange masa (ya ka ?) hahah so curi-curi kesempatan nak get together masa aktiviti kelab or event college and yeah of course time makan :D

And kalau orang yang homesick tu ada simptom2 yang cheq mention previously , Sindrom palamsick cheq pulak buat cheq jadi minah yang suka jalan sorang , buat kerja sorang , makan sorang , semua benda pun la sorang . And of course , dah bila sorang sorang tu cakap pun mula kurang .

But now dah okay dah sbb can adapt already meh alhamdulillah . Ditambah pulak dapat a very good roommate so i can adapt real fast . She is a good listener tho , dengar ja all the things that i got to say . Melayan ja kemerapuan aku yang tah apa-apa especially post-coffee and she's so caring like aww-terharunya-itew-thanks-awak kind of person . And theres a very good people around yang ngam dengan jiwa like kak nana , syahirah, puteri and a few more so alhamdulillah . Of course so far nothing can ever beat my life in palam but who knows whats the future brings . Mana tahu , this place gonna be my most favourited place on Earth ke kan ? hahah empat tahun tu gilerzz yuhh .

Oklah i think thats all for now . Sebenarnya i got like so many kerja need to be done but as usual , athirah is being athirah , procrastinate at her best .

to my dearest friends who are reading this , im sorry that i may have not contacted some of you in a very long time already . Just know that i love you so much , im doing fine here in this new place and i hope the same thing goes to you there . If theres anything you wanna talk about ,  just feel free to give me a call yeah . I'll try my best to always be there for you , inshaAllah :)

and to dear self , berjuanglah semampu hang . Ingat your ultimate goal and purpose in life . Keep moving forward and never give up even when things gets hard .

Chill , Allah kan ada :)

May peace be upon you .