Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MH370 : Lost But Not Forgotten

Assalamualaikum people .

It has been a while since the last time i've updated this blog . For the past 18 days , my heart was somehow committed to continuously check on the news regarding the missing MAS Flight , MH370 . And so , i've stopped blogging for a moment .


"the flight that never arrived"

As the flight went missing suddenly back in the 8th of March , the online world was flooded with various speculations , theories , worries , hopes and prayers from everyone .

Some decided to show off their stupidity to the world ,
but some managed to prove that this world is not a bad place after all .


The local and the international media worldwide were continuously reporting updates regarding MH370 to the public from day one . 

Some TV programmes were even cancelled to make way for news about MH370 .

I surely respect those reporters who are willing to wait all day and night long just to get the latest news to update the world . You guys have done a splendid job .

Well done i would say ! *standing ovation*

However , it was really devastating to see that there were some unethical reporters and news channel reporting fake reports to the society just to get themselves higher ratings than the other news hub and to make their stories a hit ! Like seriously ?

I don't want to finger point anyone .
Because you can see it for yourselves right ?

So please , report only the truth .
I beg you .


The plane went missing and BOOM !! Attention Seekers were all over the place .

Ordinary people suddenly transformed into aviation experts .

From tweeting about their daily life into making serious speculations and theories about the missing flight .

"This plane is surely hijacked by someone on the plane" 

"I'm hundred percent sure that the plane was hidden somewhere unknown"

and their so-called-theories went on and on .

Some even turn into a media reporter ….. out of sudden .

"Debris found . It was confirmed MH370's" 

"MH370 has crashed into the South China Sea"

and bla bla bla . Fake reports overload .

and thanks to those reports , things got even worse than before .

as muslims , you should know better right ?

So think before you retweet or share something online
Because your single act might deeply affected others .


One word : Embarrassing !

Let me make things clear . This ..


and this….

were never a teaching in Islam !! Grr

They use Allah's name and other arabic phrases and Quran verses just to convince people that they were doing the right thing . 

But coconuts ? Magic Carpets ? Say whatttttt

NO ! Absolutely Absurd ! 

they were manipulating people especially muslims and driving the believers into shirk

and I strongly opposed the act of these people . 

Because we as muslims , we raise our hands and pray solemnly to Allah .
The One and Only .

And coconuts never do the trick for us . 


Condemning MAS airlines would be the last thing you wanted to do .

They have the best hospitality to offer to their passengers .
Good food . Friendly Cabin Crews . Experienced Pilots .

And just because of this single plane went missing , you are condemning them all over ?

Think again before you judge and say .

If you are not even a frequent flyer of MAS airlines , you better keep your mouth shut .
I'm sorry if my words are too harsh for you to handle .

But yeah , the truth sometimes kills .


We feel you . We feel your sadness . We feel your pain .
Although it might not feel the same but you are never alone .

Our prayers and thoughts will be always with you guys .
So be strong and have faith .


And my respect goes to all who have been working hard for all these while in search of MH370 .

You all have done a great job and i'm truly touched with your dedication to this matter .

Regardless what people said about you guys , I know you have tried your best ever since day one to settle this crisis and still doing your very best until this moment .

And to the countries that offered a helping hand to Malaysia , 
Thank You So Much !

To the SAR team , may Allah eases your job in finding the missing airplane .
You guys truly rock !!

May Allah bless you always .

So you people think that it is easy ? Try it for yourself then.


for those on board ..

Wherever you are 
on the land or deep down in the sea 
Alive or even breathless 

Just know that 
Our prayers and thoughts
will always be with you

If you are still alive
We hope that you will hang on tight
And we'll pray to God
To help us reach out our hands to you
as soon as possible

But if your soul are no longer
with us on this Earth
we'll pray to God
to keep you safe with Him

Till we meet again.