Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Struggle Of Being An Introvert

Maybe that was too dramatic for a title but yeah whatever .

It all started when i've heard some people labeling other people as an 'introvert' or 'extrovert' . Seriously , i don't even know what does 'introvert' means . I thought that it must be something related to the word 'pervert' or 'convert' or 'advert' but clearly i was wrong ! So thanks to Mr Google and my extreme sense of curiosity , i finally knew what it really means !

my feeling at that time

and i finally knew that i'm an introvert myself .

well clearly i didn't expect that

Knowing whether you are an introvert or extrovert or ambivert will surely helps you to understand yourself better .

Before , i felt so useless . Abnormal . Freak . Anti-social . Woe .

Having a family of extroverts literally make things worse . I can't figure out what is wrong with me and why am i being so different from others .

-I hate small talk .

-I monologue most of the time .

-I really enjoy being alone in my room reading a book or surfing the internet or just lay there listening to music .

-I prefer being quiet . Listens attentively to others without giving any response . Just sit there .

-Watch and Listen .

-Having a deep thought on something is absolutely my cup of tea .

-hate being at crowded places . It makes my head ache . Dizziness overload .

-I love to eat *not related*

-I don't like people to disturb me when i'm trying to relax myself and be alone .
and i super hate that .

-easily offended with insult from others

-prefer to do things on my own and once again .. do things alone .

-But I love spending time with my friends and my family .

-I love having phone calls with my friends but i must be the one who calls them .

and yeah after i knew that i'm an introvert , everything makes sense now .
i'm no longer feeling abnormal but i've started to understand myself even more.

and i ..
deal with my introversion like a boss

I'm glad being different from others and thankful that i'm not the only introvert ever exist in this massive universe !!

And the only struggle of being an introvert is the struggle to love and accept yourself just the way it is .

Learn to tolerate with others and everything should be fine InshaAllah :)

p/s : introversion does not occur all the time . I sometimes love to be crazy and loud but at other time when introversion overload , you'll just have to leave me alone . Got it ?