Friday, 29 November 2013

Plain post .

I woke up to the sound of my alarm this morning .
Not knowing what to do , i crawled back to bed and slept after performing my Subuh prayer .

"rezeki payah nak masuk la kalau tidur lepas subuh cenggini"

My sister reminded me every now and then .
Kadang-kadang tu aku tak jadi tidur but today i slept anyway .

and so i woke up for the second time today .

My family went to the market like phew i wanted to go but they are all ready to go and they say they will wait for me but i don't like to keep people waiting and don't like to rush so bye bye i'll stay at home drinking coffee .

I looked up to the morning sky .

Greyish . Gloomy . Rainy .

I love this kind of weather somehow .
it makes me feel that i am somewhere in cold region countries .

New Zealand , Australia , UK .. except for there is no mat saleh walking down the street .

i've never travelled to overseas before .
mungkin bukan rezeki lagi .

and maybe it is not the right time yet .

oklah I'm gonna stop writing and do something else .. like yawning maybe ?


and Just a reward for your willingness to read this post till the end although i have stated that this is a Plain Post ..

go visit this website : :]

they got some interesting post and of course they are all better that mine . 


I end my piece with a wide yawn .

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