Saturday, 30 November 2013

Feeling Useless : How to deal with it ? (intro)

It is heartbreaking to know that your friends prefer to talk to someone else than you 

It is very bitter  when your parents start comparing you with other people or with your almost-too-perfect siblings .

It is indeed so hard when your presence seems to bring no change to the crowd ,
and no one is actually listening to the words you said .

People might say that you are just being emotional . They say that there's nothing wrong , everything is normal , you are just over thinking and bla bla bla . 

But they never knew . They never felt what you are feeling at the moment .
They think that nothing has changed . Everything is still the same . It is you who changed .

and the blame comes back to you .

And now you started to agree with them and join the forces to go against yourself .

You keep asking yourself why can't you be like other people ; enjoying their life to the max , being able to fit in perfectly in the crowd , appear gorgeous in every random dress .

You tried so hard to imitate them but you never succeed . It is always so awkward ; because you are not being yourself .

You totally hate yourself now, don't you ?

if you are feeling all of these shits then stay tuned to my next post .

but first listen to this . i hope it may cheer you up a lil bit before we start .

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