Friday, 29 November 2013

SPM has ended : Yeay or Nayy ?

Gosh .

SPM has ended so no more school , right ? Like seriously ? 

No more morning alarm . No more school uniform's ironing routine . No more homeworks ?

Pheww how relieving was that !!

But guess what , none of that make my heart contented to the max .
I was pleased with all the sudden freedom but it's empty inside .
It's seems that something is missing out but i don't know what is it .

Hard to explain , hard to express .

I think i've changed since school ended . I like being alone now . Talking to myself more than i've talked to people . Bad mood all the time like never ending PMS .  Get exhausted every now and then . Easily offended by people's words and actions .

So there's no big deal if i say i am actually glad to know the fact that i'll be having another one final paper before i complete my journey at high school .


okay I'm done here . 
there's no point typing if there is no one understand my words .

i ended my piece with a nayy .

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