Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Feeling Useless : How to Deal With It ? (part 1)

I am neither a psychologist nor a mind reader nor a professional mentalist .
but i can assure you that pain does change people , inside out .

But the changes that took place differs in different individuals .
The pain that you felt may either turns you into a better person or turns you into a bitter person 

Heartless . Rude . Badass .

So now i let you choose your own path . 
If you want to be bitter , then go ahead . I am no one to stop you .
But if you are willing to give a shot in changing your life  then stay .
I can't guarantee a success by doing this , but what you gonna lose ?

First if you are feeling (or people keep saying) that you are useless…..
then do something useful with your life !!

Do random act of kindness . Smile to people . Help old grannies carry some groceries and bla bla bla .

or you can just help your mum with the housework . Avoid fights with your die-hard siblings .

ANYTHING. That is why it is called random .

Im not forcing you to drastically change yourself into a little miss angel but simply act of kindness might help you be a better person deep inside . And the best part is when the people around you started to see the good changes within you .

i recommend you to..


By doing exercise consistently and getting yourself drench in sweat everyday , you'll feel better about yourself . Believe it or not , you'll be happier and your mind will be more positive than ever !! 

You will get a better control of yourself , your mind and your emotions . These will surely help you to block away all the negative thoughts that used to haunt you before and you will start to care less about the bad  things people say or happens because you yourself know how much you are improving now .

doubting my words ? try it for yourself . For beginners , try doing this for the first few days consistently . Goodluck !

Next ..


grab a good book and indulge yourself !

books can help you to escape from the tiring reality sometimes , generate intense imagination and creativity inside your head and help you to relax and forget to be oppressed by people .

comforting isn't it ? (unless if you read yourself a book about ghost and psycho killer :P)

some people even said that ..

and this is why books manage to win my heart 

i guess that is the end of this post .
hope you can be a better person and feel good about yourself .


lots of love from me .
see you later !

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