Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What did you do about it ?

Bismillah . In the name of Allah .

Last night , I came across another awesome Islamic reminder on Youtube .
And MashaAllah it struck me straight away .
It makes me ponder back . 
and ask myself …

What Did I Do About It ?

you must be wondering .. ' what did you do about what , athirah ? '
so i let you watch it for yourself insyaAllah .

Sometimes we preach without practice .
We didn't walk the talk .

We 'Retweet' all sorts of Islamic and motivational tweets on twitter but do we really think about it and put the reminders and advice into our own practice ? If We have some useful knowledge , do we keep it to ourselves or we actually take the effort to deliver it to our friends or even the society ? And when we came across a reminder or advice on the timeline or other places , do we actually stop to read and think or we just keep scrolling down for more interesting love quotes and 'jokes of the day' ?

dare to ask yourself that questions ?

And please don't get me wrong . I'm not saying that you should stop retweeting Islamic tweets or 'it is forbidden' to retweet fun-and-interesting-non-islamic-tweets .

Of Course NO !

I myself tweet randomly . Because i'm a human and i'm obviously imperfect .

My point here is , we should try our best to practice what we preached . Don't stop tweeting good advice on twitter or posting useful knowledge (either a knowledge about Islam or just a general knowledge ) on Facebook  or Blogs because it might be useful for us and for others . But just do yourself another favour by practicing it . 

Because action speaks louder than words . I'll give you an example , you advice people to clip their nails at least once a week for hygiene purpose but you yourself let your nails grow to 5 feet long !!!

you deserve a face slap

See my point there ? Yes ? Alhamdulillah .

And personally , i think there's nothing wrong if we tweet funny tweets because sometimes it's good to cheer up other people and ourselves , right ? But remember , everything has their own limit . 

May Allah gives us useful knowledge and helps us to imply act on it .
Allahumma Amin .

and please , do advice me if i forget about my words here . 
Assalamualaikum :)

adíos . 

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