Thursday, 13 February 2014


Bismillah . In the name of Allah .

It has been a while since the last time i've posted something on this blog .
Ran out of ideas ? Yeah obviously .
I can't even figure out a suitable title for this post ! *cries*


There's too much things playing in my mind lately (kinda)
Monologues flow almost continuously on my mind but i just can't let the words out .
Maybe words aren't my thing after all *sigh*

So did i gave up on this blog ?
Maybe yeah maybe no .
i'll leave it just the way it is here until there's something i have in mind to share to you guys .
*IF i have one*

And well if you guys have anything to ask me about (advice , life , or some random thingy ) just tweet me at @athirahmonsta or just leave your comments here so that i'll have at least some ideas on what to write next .

or you can follow some awesome channels on Youtube for some cool Islamic Reminders and short lectures at

+The Daily Reminder
+SoldierOfAllah2 .

see you next time inshaAllah !
assalamualaikum ! :D

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