Monday, 9 December 2013

Criticism : Yeay or Nayy ?

Hello everyone !! So how's your day ?

Good ? Great ! No ?
Wait ? What ? Me ? ohh ..

So yeah i've been straining my brain lately to think of what i'm going to post on this blog next but yeah i fail to do so therefore i spent my days watching few Running Man episodes , indulged myself with online articles and of course scrolling my Facebook timeline up and down every now and then . But wait …

Okay back to the main topic …

this topic emerged in my head after i came across a few oh wait no actually a lot of un-constructive and rude comments being posted online in response to the online articles or videos published all over the web .

if i were the owner of the articles or video(s) , i will probably ..

sobs sobs

How can you say something rude to people ? Condemning people brutally ? Criticize their actions their words their opinions and their look ? Bash Bash Bash !!

some even go mad and say "F*** you" "This is s***" 

like seriously ? 

You don't like that crap then go search the web for something else instead of being retarded-ly emotional over those things .

and by criticizing people online you just prove to the world that you are a total coward .
condemning others through your anonymous identity .
seeking attention .

OMG i am criticizing the online critic !! lol


seems impossible *sigh*

Fact : You Can't Avoid Criticism !! 

Criticism has become part of the society nowadays . Some even make money out of it (e.g food critic , movie critic , design critic )

so you have to deal with it like a boss !

Most of the people can't accept criticism well ..

*extremely offended by the critics*
and some be like  ..



i don't know how to say it so let the picture speaks on my behalf 

perfect solution!

and last but not least …

no offense . love you . bye !

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