Monday, 30 December 2013

The Unnoticed Killer

It is normal for a human being like us to have desires and cravings . 
It makes a human Human .

But it is important to have a good control over your desires .
Because extreme desires do kill . That's the fact .

" Sara was having her morning coffee when her oceanic blue eyes got caught up with the ads published on the television . It is the latest product from Apple . The iPhone 5s - designed for the colorful. The ads was so captivating that Sara's body became so static in her seat , staring at the screen . Despite the stiffness of her body , her brain was somehow straining so hard ; recalculating her money and organizing her current financial . "I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad" . Sara , shocked by the sudden ringing of her phone , quickly stood up and reached out for her vibrating iPhone 4 on the coffee table . It was Douglas the landlord , probably calling Sara to remind her about the-two-months-unpaid-house-rent . Being able to predict what Douglas would say , Sara declined the call . She let out a heavy sigh . As a fanatic fan of Apple products herself , the released of the latest iPhone is so unbearable especially after she had to ignore all the ads about iPhone 5 when it was first released due to her never-ending financial problems. She stared blankly at her iPhone 4 . "Maybe the time has come for me to trade in this phone for a new iPhone" . Sara finally made her decision after a long moment of silence . Her conscious mind tell her not to but her desire  is really good at convincing her naive heart . Sara then put on her trench coat , grabbed her handbag , reached out for her credit cards and off she went , walking anxiously under her transparent umbrella "

What do you think happen to Sara next ?
I don't precisely know about that , but i bet you .. it's gonna be Bad .

I wrote this short story just to give you all an overview about what is it like when your desires take control of yourself .

Your brain can no longer differentiate between what you really need and what you really want .
Your brain is now set to force yourself into buying everything that you LIKE without thinking about the consequences .

Absent-mindedly torturing yourself . 
Became extremely frustrated especially when you are unable to buy that 'everything'.

Take a moment to ask yourself .
Do you feel permanently contented after buying the things your desire forced you to ?

Do you think Sara is still having the same excited feeling of owning an iPhone 4 like when she first bought the phone ? 

If your answer is a 'no' then I assume that you understand the simple nature of a human .

Human like us can hardly feel permanently contented with something .
That is why some of us always in search of ways to improve our life .

a desire to get a better life .

We invent new technologies , machines and products .
Intensively generating brilliant ideas.

And that is one good way of using your desires .

My advice is .. 

Try to be grateful with what you already have in this life . I truly understand what is it like to see your friends buying wonderful stuffs for themselves , but if you are not capable of buying those things as well , do tell yourself that it is OKAY . Believe me that there's a lot of people out there who are hoping to live the life like yours . 

try to earn money on your own or start saving if you feel like buying something .
never burden others especially your parents just to fulfill your desires . 

And of course , you can always feel free to buy awesome things for yourself because sometimes it makes us feel better and stress-free 

but don't let yourself be killed by the unnoticed killer .

I end my piece with a psychotic smile . 

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