Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Saying goodbye is indeed one of the hardest struggles in my life .

But I've said goodbye too many times before .
Too much of it until there's no struggle needed for me to say it again .

Because i came to realize that life is like an empty box .
As we live our life day by day , the empty box starts to fill itself . 

With memories . 
They are either sweet or bitter but still they fill the same box .

With people .
Parents , family , friends , crush and even strangers .

With our favourite things .
Books , clothes , toys and toothbrush maybe ?

Unconciously , we attach ourselves firmly to every and each of it . 
Thus making it harder for us to let it go .

But now i totally understand the whole concept .
In order to accept new things in life , i have to make some space inside the congested box .

Ready to let go of something . Starting with the things that i will not be needed the most .

The pain .
It somehow occupies the major portion of my box .
The one that gives an extra weight that makes my box extremely heavy .

But fortunately it is now gone . 
Giving me more space for maturity  and leaving only a tiny scratch inside the box as a reminder for me to not let the same pain comes into my box ever again . 

And now , with some space inside my box , i'm ready to move on from the  year of 2013 to the year of 2014 which will unfold itself in a matter of few days .

Sadly , moving on means more goodbye-s.

I have to say goodbye to my high school life . My high school teachers . My high school friends . 

And warmly welcome another new start in my life . 
a totally new surrounding . 

Like entering a new level after completing the previous one in a game .

There will be ..
New experiences . New people .
More challenges . More struggles . 
And of course , more memories occupying the box .

Surprisingly , i'm ready for all of it .
Eager to know what my box will look like in the future .
Better or worse ? 

Hoping for the best of course . 
InsyaAllah Allah will ease everything . 
InsyaAllah .

Even if you don't , i will always be 

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