Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Who is Ahmad Ammar ?

I was busy studying for the upcoming SPM when all the social networks on the internet were suddenly  flooded with the story of Ahmad Ammar .

Even my sister came home from work one evening and started to talk about Ahmad Ammar .

Unable to divert my mind to focus on other things except for my notes and reference books at that time , i didn't pay much attention to what she was saying .

But my brain managed to process some of the information given by my sister about Ahmad Ammar .

He was a student from Malaysia . Studying in Turkey . Died in an accident recently . The Turkish community really respect him to the max and he was buried in a special place , alongside the other 'Sahabat' like Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari .

And that's it .

I didn't ask much either .

And the story fade away from my mind as i focused my mind for the final exam .
Days passed and i barely remember Ahmad Ammar's name .

A few weeks after my final exam has ended , i once again came across the story of Ahmad Ammar shared by one of my friends on fb [jazakillahu khairan kathira Nurulain Farhana]

the post included a link to a video on youtube .

a simple link to a simple video .
a simple video that simply touched my heart .

I feel so blessed to have clicked that link at that time .
I feel so blessed that Allah had open my heart to know more about Ahmad Ammar .

Subhanallah . Alhamdulillah . Allahuakbar .

there is an english version for this video uploaded recently on youtube as well 

watch the video for yourself then only you will understand what i am trying to say earlier .

and now i knew his story .
Ahmad Ammar's story .

Simply brilliant . MashaAllah .

A true happy ending story . MashaAllah .

Oh Allah , please grants us all a good ending for this life  .
Oh Allah , please accepts our repentance and purify us from our sins . 
Oh Allah , please grants us happiness in this world and hereafter .

Please Ya Allah . Please .

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin .

Al Fatihah to arwah Ahmad Ammar 

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